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                                                     FIRST SECTION.

               Q. From whence came you? (Some say, As an Entered Apprentice Mason.)

               A. From a Lodge of the Sts. John of Jerusalem.

               Q. What came you here to do?

               A. To learn to subdue my passions and improve myself in Masonry.

               Q. Then I presume you are a Mason?

               A. I am so taken and accepted among all brothers and fellows.

               Q. How do you know yourself to be a Mason?

               A. By having been often tried, never denied, and willing to be tried again.

               Q. How shall I know you to be a Mason?

               A. By certain signs, a token, a word, and the perfect points of my entrance.

               Q. What are signs?

               A. Right angles, horizontals, and perpendiculars (  ,   ,  ).
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