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Q. Where were you next prepared?

               A. In a room adjacent to a regularly constituted Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons.

               Q. How were you prepared?

               A. By being divested of all metals, neither naked nor clothed; barefoot nor shod, hoodwinked,
               with a cable-tow around my neck; in which condition I was conducted to the door of a Lodge by
               a friend, whom I afterward found to be a brother.

               Q. How did you know it to be a door, being hoodwinked?

               A. By first meeting with resistance, afterward gaining admission.

               Q. How gained you admission?

               A. By three distinct knocks.

               Q. How were you received?

               A. On the point of a sharp instrument pressing my naked left breast.

               Q. What was that due form?

               A. Kneeling on my naked left knee, my right forming a square, my left hand supporting the Holy
               Bible, square, and compasses, my right resting thereon, in which due form I took the solemn
               oath of an Entered Apprentice, which is as follows, viz.; (some Lodges require the obligation
               repeated, but not as a general thing).

               Q. What are the three great lights in Masonry?

               A. The Holy Bible, square, and compasses.

               Q. What are their Masonic use?

               A. The Holy Bible is the rule and guide to our faith and practice; the square, to square our
               actions; and the compasses, to circumscribe and keep us within bounds with all mankind, but
               more especially with a brother Mason.

               Q. What are the three lesser lights?

               A. Three burning tapers, in a triangular position.
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