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Q. Why were you hoodwinked, and a cable-tow put about your neck?

               A. For the reason, first, as I was then in darkness, so I should keep the whole world in darkness
               so far as it related to the secrets of Free-Masonry. Secondly: in case I had not submitted to the
               manner and mode of my initiation, that I might have been led out of the Lodge, without seeing
               the form and beauty thereof.

               Q. Why were you caused to give three distinct knocks?

               A. To alarm the Lodge, and inform the Worshipful Master that I was prepared for Masonry, and,
               in accordance to our ancient custom, that I should ask. "Ask, and ye shall receive; seek, and ye
               shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

               Q. How did you apply this to your then situation in Masonry?

               A. I asked the recommendation of a friend to become a Mason; through his recommendation I
               sought admission; I knocked at the door of the Lodge and it was opened unto me.

               Q. Why were you received on the point of a sharp instrument pressing your naked left breast?

               A. As that was an instrument of torture to my flesh, so might the recollection of it be to my
               conscience, should I ever presume to reveal the secrets of Free-Masonry.

               Q. Why were you caused to kneel and attend at prayer?

               A. Because no man should ever enter upon a great and important undertaking without first
               imploring the blessings of Deity.

               Q. Why were you asked in whom you put your trust?

               A. Because, agreeably to our most ancient institution, no Atheist could be made a Mason; it was
               therefore necessary that I should put my trust in Deity, or no oath would have been considered
               binding among Masons.

               Q. Why were you taken by the right hand, ordered to arise, follow your conductor, and fear no

               A. It was to assure me, as I could not foresee nor avoid danger, that I was in the hands of a true
               and trusty friend, in whose fidelity I might with safety confide.

               Q. Why were you conducted once around the Lodge?

               A. That the brethren might see that I was duly and truly prepared.
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