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               Q. What is a Lodge?

               A. A certain number of Masons duly assembled, with the Holy Bible, square, and compasses,
               and charter, or warrant empowering them to work.

               Q. Where did our ancient brethren usually meet?

               A. On a high hill or in a low valley.

               Q. Why so?

               A. The better to observe the approach of cowans, or eaves-droppers, ascending or descending.

               Q. What is the form and covering of a Lodge?

               A. An oblong square, extending from east to west, between the north and south, from the earth
               to the heavens, and from the surface to the centre.

               Q. Why of such vast dimension?

               A. To signify the universality of Masonry, and that a Mason's charity should be equally

               Q. What supports this vast fabric?

               A. Three great pillars, constituting Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty.

               Q. Why are they so called?

               A. Because it is necessary there should be wisdom to contrive, strength to support, and beauty
               to adorn all great and important undertakings.

               Q. By whom are they represented?

               A. By the Worshipful Master, and the Senior and Junior Wardens.
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